Communications & Technical Writing

An effective message must have clarity, connect to the business objective and be delivered in a way that the targeted audience understands.

Delivery methods have evolved to include video, blogs and animations as well as the more traditional sales brochures, websites, presentations, newsletters and technical papers.

Today, the message is called content and content creation has become 'king pin' in the world of marketing communications.

At 100% Marketing we ensure the content created and delivery method chosen enables the right message to reach the right audience at the right time. This requires connectivity and integration – two words that we’re passionate about - 100%.

Digital Presentation of Carbon Fibre Industry Analysis for FMG

Technical Writing

100% Marketing specialises in a niche b2b environment, where knowledge of the subject is critical to being able to create and deliver effective content. Our Technical Writing team has broad experience in the composites and advanced materials sector, with positions held in operational and product development teams as well as in marketing communications. This combination of skill and knowledge enables us to ask the right questions to elicit the relevant information, to develop content that delivers value to the reader, the publication and the client.

Understanding your goals and your audience, developing an aligned communications plan and bringing purpose to each action, 100% can connect you with your stakeholders in ways that suits them and ultimately creates results for you.

  • Customer Communications include case studies, direct mail, brochures, white papers, corporate magazines and digital newsletters
  • Internal Communications include internal newsletters, presentations, guidelines, CEO letters, internal magazines and community group