Digital Campaigns In Response To Covid-19

Covid response grid

As Composites and Advanced Materials markets deal with the massive impact of COVID-19, the summer of 2020 has seen 100% working closely with clients to adapt marketing strategies towards a more digital mindset.

Even before COVID-19, it was clear that the shift towards digital marketing was gathering momentum and the pace of this trend will only increase. 100% Marketing has supported its clients in taking the lead to identify digital opportunities through: enhancing and promoting web shops that generate revenue 24/7; creating virtual JEC World presentations to unveil new technologies; scripting content for ongoing social media campaigns and promoting strategic insight and analysis on markets that will help to identify COVID-19 opportunities.

For further details on how to adapt your marketing strategies towards a more digital mindset, please read our blog: Adapting your marketing to a digital mindset

Covid response sicomin

Sicomin support its customers via an enhanced online store -


with home delivery available for epoxy resin systems, reinforcements, core materials, fillers, release agents and consumables.
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Covid response cobra virtual jec

COBRA International stages its 3-day virtual JEC World 2020 experience with online unveilings of its latest technologies and innovations for Watersports, Foiling, Electric Boards and Automotive.
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Covid response fmg

Clear Thinking in Uncertain Times: Future Materials Group (FMG) provide clear insight and strategic options to help businesses identify new opportunities. FMG's analysis includes: The Impact on Commercial Aerospace Build Rates, The Reordering of the Global Carbon Fibre Supply Chain and Its Shift from Aerospace to Other Applications and The Accelerating Adoption of 3D Printing and AM Technology.
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Covid response hexcel

Hexcel announce the launch of its new HexAM® materials technology, HexPEKK® EM. HexPEKK® EM integrates advanced electromagnetic performance with complex 3D-printed components for Aerospace, Defense and Military sectors.
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Covid response fmg 2

Future Materials Group appoints Stephen Haller, a Senior Director with specialist expertise in the chemicals and materials sectors.
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Covid response cobra

Digital platform development for COBRA International and COBRA Advanced Composites as well as content scripting for an ongoing 2020 social media programme.
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Covid response camera

Photoshoot, branding and start up preparations for launch of a new Dubai-based manufacturer.
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